The 'create a link to this page' functionality

Archive Science Group 4 years ago in Search for data 0

Dear Archive Science Portal users,

thanks to an anonymous user, we just discovered that there is a small bug with the 'create a link to this page' button. 

In fact, when one uses this functionality to create a link to a search around given coordinates (with any other constraints),
the link erroneously points to null coordinates instead. 

We are already working to solve this. Meanwhile, a smart and quick way around that allows one to get back the right query via the generated link is to click on the red, curved arrow below the coordinate windows and on the right side of the FoV (see attached screenshot).

After clicking, you will see that your research will point to the right coordinates (and have all the other constraints).

Image 55

Many thanks to the anonymous user who spotted this bug.

We are looking into the problem already and will report here any updates.