Exploring the Follow up of GW events

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We would like to stress the power of the new version of the archive science portal for detecting electromagnetic counterpart of gravitational wave detections. For instance, you can easily search for all data present in the archive associated to the irregular 50% confidence contours for the location of the GW superevent s191205ah: Polygon-1, Polygon-2, and Polygon-3.

    The procedure followed to obtain the results above is described in our Jupyter notebook. Where you can also find some useful tools to explore the archive science portal and to unleash the full power of the programmatic access. You can find more notebooks here.


    An additional way to obtain ESO archival data overlapping confidence contours of a gravitational wave event is the script get_data_from_gw_event part of the unofficial ESOAsg python module.

    For instance, if you would like to get a link to the new ESO Archive Science Portal showing the data presents within the 50% confidence contours from the S191205ah_bayestar HEALPix maps you can run:

    get_data_from_gw_event S191205ah_bayestar.fits.gz -level 50. --asp_link

    more options are also available. For instance --download_data allows the user to directly download all the data, possibly restricted to a specific instrument (e.g., --instruments MUSE).