New version of the Archive Science Portal

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Dear users,
we are happy to announce that a new version of the Archive Science Portal has been released and announced to the scientific community here

Based on user feedback a new view mode has been implemented as a central new feature in addition to the already existing sky view (left-hand panel of figure above). It allows users to inspect, at a glance, the multi-dimensional query space in up to seventeen 1D distributions (right-hand panel of figure). They include physical parameters like sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio, alongside more traditional ones such as Programme ID or instrumental setup. Users can easily interact with any list or histogram to add or remove search constraints and to build up rather complex queries in a progressive fashion.  

Beyond that, the updated Archive Science Portal provides the following improvements:

  • the capability of bookmarking and sharing queries;
  • customizable set of query parameters and management of query constraints;
  • improved layout and support for mobile and touch devices;
  • several bug fixes.

Image 15