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Reinhard Hanuschik 4 years ago in Search for data updated by Archive Science Group 4 years ago 1

When using the P.I. filter, users are probably not aware of the fact that multi-OB data logically can have more than one P.I. On the archive science portal such data have no P.I. (field is empty). With a P.I. filter set to a specific name, such data are NOT visible (although the selected P.I. contributed at least partially to the data).

It would probably be good to modify the underlying logics such that data are always shown if the specified P.I. has contributed (either in the traditional sense, one OB has one run has one P.I.; or in the advanced way, the data product has contributions from one P.I.).

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Dear Reinhard, 

thanks for your input. We are aware of this limitation and in fact, we are already working to improve this functionality

in the Archive Science Portal .

We plan to propagate the list of distinct P.I. names in alphabetical order of the last name so that searching

searching by P.I. name (of one single P.I.) for datasets with multiple P.Is will be possible.

We will work on this new functionality as soon as possible and update you here on the progress.