Retrive calibrated spectra of the planet Jupiter

magdamail65 4 years ago in Search for data updated by Archive Science Group 4 years ago 1

Hi, I would like to search for reduced spectra for the planet Jupiter in the ESO Science Archive. How do I do that?


Dear user, 

thanks for your question :) 

Since the Archive Science portal uses SIMBAD name, if you entry "Jupiter" as target, it will give you an error ("Target not resolved"). 

We are currently working on a new version of the archive portal that will allow a search with more generic names, but for the moment being, you can use the following query form:


setting OBJECT=Jupiter and selecting "Phase 3 target name" from the pull-down menu nearby (instead of SIMBAD). 

In this case, it is a constraint against the OBJECT keyword information (case insensitive string match, no coordinates involved).

The query should return you 83 datasets, including spectra and data cubes.

I hope this helps!


Chiara, on behalf of the ASG