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NGTS DR2 lightcurve download

Space-Meerkat 2 years ago in Product types and search updated by Archive Science Group 2 years ago 2


I am trying to download the processed photometric lightcurve .fits files for the second NGTS data release. I'm very new to using the ESO's platforms, so although I've found the sky map downloading interface, and the light curve catalogue, I can't seem to find a way to simply download the entire ~4TB set of .fits files. Ideally there would be a place whereby one could click "request dataset" and a remote download link would be emailed but it's getting to that correct "request dataset" place that I'm struggling with.

I'd love any help on this matter and I realise this is probably a very basic question!

Thanks in advance!

Archive Science Group 2 years ago


Correct, one other possibility is that after selecting your data via the Science Portal, you can chose the option of downloading the shell script, as shown in the image, which will download the data.

You just need to make the script executable (chmod u+x ) and run it from the command line. Note: the download script requires wget to be installed on your computer.

I hope this helps.


MUSE instrumental profile

Anonymous 3 years ago in Product types and search updated by Archive Science Group 2 years ago 3

We are using the reduced data from the archive to investigate outflows. I would like to check if the detected wings are not related with the instrument profile of the MUSE instrument. To do so, I would like to trace it in the sky emission lines. However, I do not know how access to the intermediate products of the archive reduced data. Please, could you kindly help me with this?
Many thanks in advance

Archive Science Group 3 years ago

Dear user,
we investigated your question further.

We are assuming that you are interested in the sky cubes (i.e., off-target cubes used to subtract the background generated by the muse_create_sky recipe). These are processed separately to be used as a sky model for the on-target observations. Such cubes are not available on the Archive.

Yet, these exposures are later treated as actual science exposures and processed as regular on-target data. These latter pipeline-porcessed `sky` cubes are available under the category: PRODCATG = DATACUBE_FINAL_SKY. However, these are probably not useful for your goal, because they are `sky model` subtracted.

In general, particular products are not available, but there is always a possibility to download the raw data from the ESO Archive and process them. The muse_scibasic and muse_create_sky will produce the `sky` cubes (and are not extreme in hardware demanding).

Please let us know if this satisfy your question. In case, you can also take a look to MUSE cubes release description, where the different products available on the Archive are described.


Science Verification Data

Anonymous 4 years ago updated by Archive Science Group 3 years ago 1

Hi ASG, 
where can I find Science Verification data for a given ESO instrument (e.g. MUSE)? 

Thanks for the feedback

Archive Science Group 3 years ago


you can find the data here, under "Public ESO VLT/VLTI Datasets" 


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