The Programmatic Access to science data products allows the user to perform more complex queries (ADQL) and download data from scripts programmed and run locally which also ensure for long/repetitive sequences of queries. Here you can find an overview on gain programmatic and tool access to the archive science portal utilising the standard interfaces provided by the International Virtual Observatory (VO) Alliance. 

The use of VO standards and protocols makes the ESO SAF data discoverable through VO services and tools, which is considered a high level requirement. The standalone tools have powerful generic and/or specific capabilities that cannot be implemented in a general web interface. 

Have also a look at the TAP access page to science data products and to catalogues.

If you need help or you have any feedback on accessing and downloading data in a programmatic way, please have a look at the DEMO page or leave a comment here. 


Access to Spectroscopic Data: Example #1

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Access to Catalogues: Example #2

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Access to Catalogues: Example #1

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