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Constellation Detection

Thomas 4 years ago updated by Archive Science Group 4 years ago 2


I am currently making a constellation detection system for my school project, but I need to find a lot of unedited photographs of the night sky which has constellations fully in the image. Does anyone know where I could find any images like this? I'm having no luck myself.

Thanks in advance. :)

Archive Science Group 4 years ago

Dear Thomas,

   many thanks for using the ESO forum. It is refreshing to see interest in disseminating astronomy at schools. If you are interested, more information on ESO outreach activities can be found in the ESO Supernova website.


    In the ESO website you can use our search for images at this link (that is poining to images of the Crux constellation). Alternatively, you can have a glance on the entire sky using our Archive Science Portal. Here you can navigate to the region of the sky you prefer either by introducing coordinates or by simply scrolling with the mouse (and you can also see astronmical images taken with ESO telescopes).

    An other website you might be interested in is: google-sky (the link currently points to the big-dipper constellation).

All the best,

the ESO Archive Science Group

Searching answer

Telescope Night Log

jeister 3 years ago updated by Archive Science Group 3 years ago 1

Using the ESO archive, how can I generate a log of all activities that happen over a given night?

Thanks for your help!