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Telescope Night Log

jeister 3 years ago updated by Archive Science Group 3 years ago 1

Using the ESO archive, how can I generate a log of all activities that happen over a given night?

Thanks for your help!

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Dear User,

Many thanks for using the ESO Archive Services.

There are several ways to access the night logs depending on your specific needs.

Details on a user's specific run can be collected via the night log generator. After logging-in in the ESO User Portal, you will be able to download (in PDF format) information on, e.g., weather conditions, daytime calibrations, and observations executed, associated with your observing run.

Alternatively, it is possible to have an overview of all data collected during a night at a specific telescope by exploiting the programmatic access to the archive science portal. For instance, if you are interested data collected with Antu (i.e., ‘ESO-VLT-U1’) during the night of the 15th of March 2021, you can run the following query:

SELECT * FROM dbo.raw
WHERE (date_obs LIKE '2021-03-15%' OR date_obs LIKE '2021-03-16%')
AND telescope = 'ESO-VLT-U1'

Similarly, raw data collected during a specific night can be retrieved at the Observational Raw Data Query Form. From there, it is possible to access weather information associated to a given (science) observation both for La Silla and for Paranal.

In case you are interested in having more information related to a specific night, you can always contact us, and we will be happy to provide a list of target observed (unless protected), observing conditions, etc.

Please let us know if this answer your question. If not, we kindly ask you to provide more details on what you would like to achieve with this, so we will be able to provide a more tailored feedback.

All the best,

the ESO Archive Science Group