The final data release of the VISTA Kilo-degree Infrared Galaxy Public Survey : VIKING DR4

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The VISTA Kilo-degree Infrared Galaxy Public Survey (VIKING) is a wide area (covering a final area of 1350 sq. deg.), intermediate-depth (5-sigma detection limit J~21 on Vega system) near-infrared imaging survey, in the five broadband filters Z, Y, J, H, Ks.
The sky coverage has maximum overlap with the Kilo-Degree Survey KiDS in the optical bands.

This fourth and final VIKING data release covers all of the highest quality data taken during the survey to its completion and, when combined with the first three releases, includes all fields that met the team’s quality control thresholds in seeing (< 1.3”) and atmospheric transmission (thin cirrus or clearer).

This release contains 935 tiles with coverage in all five VIKING filters, 891 of which have a deep co-add in J, and an additional 44 with at least two filters where the second OB was not executed or one filter in an OB was of poor quality.

The aperture matched multi-band catalogue includes a total of ~100 millions sources (including low-reliability single-band detections), with magnitudes, colours and additional parameters providing information on the nature of each source detection.

The data of VIKING DR4 can be browsed and downloaded from the ESO Science Archive Portal while the catalogue can be accessed via the Catalogue Interface.

More information about this data release is available in the associated release description

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