Second Data Release from the Galaxy Clusters At Vircam (GCAV) ESO VISTA Public Survey

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Galaxy Clusters At Vircam (GCAV) is a survey (programme 198.A-2008, PI M. Nonino) belonging to the second cycle of ESO VISTA Public Surveys. It is aimed at observing 20 massive galaxy clusters covering in total ~30 deg2 in the infrared Y, J, and Ks bands. Those clusters have also been observed in many ground- and space-based programmes (e.g. CLASH, RELICS, HFF/ BUFFALO). The survey will mainly explore galaxy evolution over a wide, and still largely unexplored, diversity of cluster environments.

This second release adds new data of 15 galaxy clusters to the previous DR1. It contains tile images and related source lists from data collected over the time period from October 2016 to March 2020. The tile images reach a typical sensitivity in AB magnitude of ~23.5 in Y, ~23.4 in J, and ~22.4 in Ks. The total volume of the second data release is 1.3TB.

All data are publicly accessible via the Science Portal or programmatically. More information is available in the accompanying release documentation.