High-Resolution MUSE data of the inner region of NGC 7130 released

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The Seyfert starburst galaxy NGC 7130 was targeted for commissioning and science verification of the MUSE Narrow Field Mode, in programmes 60.A-9100(K) and 60.A-9493(A), P.I. Marja Seidel. The reduced data cube provides an angular resolution of 0.17 arcsec across a field of view of 7.5x7.5 arcsec2 covering the spectral range between 4750 and 9300 Å with a resolution of about 2.5 to 2.7 Å. First, the data was processed using the standard ESO pipeline, then individual exposures were selected, manually aligned and combined into the final data cube for a total of 2100 seconds exposure time. This provides an equivalent white-light point source sensitivity of 22.4 mag AB (at 5 sigma). The data with its associated white light image is available from the ESO Science Portal or programmatically.

Details on the observing programme and the data processing can be found in the data release documentation and in the associated publication Comerón et al. (2021, accepted in A&A, arXiv:2011.02937).