Third and Final Data Release of the Large Early Galaxy Census (LEGA-C) Spectroscopic Public Survey Published

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The third and final data release of the Large Early Galaxy Astrophysics Census (LEGA-C, ESO programmes 194.A-2005, 1100.A-0949) is now available. The LEGA-C public spectroscopic survey targets the 1.5 deg2 of the COSMOS field (RA=10hr, Dec=+2 deg) with the VLT VIMOS multi-object spectrograph from December 2014 to May 2018.

This data release contains the science products for the full survey, doubling the sample size with respect to the second data release of 2018. It consists of 4081 spectra of 3741 unique galaxies in the redshift range 0.6 < z < 1.0, with typical continuum S/N ≃17, wavelength coverage 6000-9000 Angstrom and spectral resolution of R~3500. The science data products are fully reduced with a custom-built pipeline. In addition to the 1D spectra, the data release contains a catalog with spectroscopic redshifts, emission line fluxes, Lick/IDS indices, spatially integrated stellar and gas velocity RMSs (line widths). 

The catalogue also provides additional structural parameters measured from HST images and dynamical mass measurements. More information is available in the accompanying release documentation.

All data are publicly accessible from the Science Portal or programmatically. In addition, the catalog can be browsed via the Catalogue Facility or .