Third Release of the PESSTO Multi-Epoch Catalogue

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A new version of the PESSTO Multi-Epoch Photometric Catalogue provides photometric lightcurve coverage for the Public European Southern Observatory Spectroscopic Survey of Transient Objects (PESSTO) targets for which follow-up lightcurves have been completed.This catalogue complements and completes the DR4 release announced in March 2021.

Photometric lightcurves for a total of 95 objects are now provided, 65 more than in the previous release (the lightcurves of 2 previously released transients have been removed from the catalogue as they do not qualify as PESSTO key-science targets).

This PESSTO public survey data release (DR4.1) is accompanied by a comprehensive description of the lightcurve catalogue.

Data are available via the ESO Catalogue Facility, or programmatically(1), or via the Science Portal. Specifically, the catalogue preview gives instantaneous access to the histograms of all the catalogues columns. The programmatic link brings to a query example to find the lightcurve of SN2018ec, object shown in the image which also illustrates the serendipitous discovery of AT2018cux.