Second data release from the VISTA Cycle 2 ESO Public Survey VVVX

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The VISTA Cycle 2 ESO Public Survey project -VVV eXtended- PI D. Minniti, P. Lucas, is carried out with VIRCAM on VISTA in the JHKs filters and covers a total of ~1540 deg2 of the southern Galactic plane.

This second data release contains observations taken between April 2018 and October 2019. They consist of both multi-filter JHKs observations and time series Ks data with photometric limit reaching typically Ks=17.5 AB mag.

The survey data in Ks that were taken prior to April 2018 remain to be released (VVVX DR1 contained data from the multi-colour JHKs OBs and J-only OBs). The VVVX team is currently working to releasing these data as soon as possible, in order to provide a continuous time series.

Data are available via the ASP and programmatically: 10776 tile images plus their associated weight maps and single-band source catalogues. In addition, the release contains the 64716 pawprint images.

More details can be found in the release description.