New Gaia-ESO radia velocity catalogue released (DR4.1)

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Gaia-ESO is a Public Spectroscopic Survey carried out with GIRAFFE and UVES on the VLT between 2012 and 2018. The survey targeted more than 100,000 stars, with 115,000 actually observed by the end of the survey. These stars are selected across all major components of the Milky Way, from halo to star-forming regions, with the goal of providing a homogeneous overview of their kinematics and elemental abundance distributions.

With DR4.1, the Gaia-ESO team publishes a catalogue of radial velocities of more than 110,000 stars, covering 97% of all the objects whose spectra were previously published in December 2020 (DR4). The catalogue releasing the parameters for all the observed stars and the remaining 1D stacked spectra for additional 600 unique targets will be published in the forthcoming DR5. The full description of the current published catalogue and of the pipeline used to determine radial velocities can be found in the detailed release document.

The catalogue preview (histograms and metadata) can be found here. An example of a programmatic access query to the catalogue is available here. The catalogue can be queried also via the Catalogue Facility.