VVVX DR1.1 published: releasing the entire Ks time series

Archive Science Group 2 years ago 0


The VISTA Cycle 2 ESO Public Survey project -VVV eXtended- PI D. Minniti, P. Lucas, is carried out with VIRCAM on VISTA in the JHKs filters and covers a total of ~1540 deg2 of the southern Galactic plane.

The VVVX DR1.1 complements DR1 by mainly providing i) the missing Ks time series and ii) the source lists generated from the pawprints published in DR1, which were observed between July 2016 and March 2018. The released data total about 9 TB. Science products generated from observations in the time interval from April 2018 to October 2019 are accessible in the already published DR2 release.

The time series data were taken in 'THIN' conditions, thus data with photometric zero points within 0.25 mag of the seasonal average value are accepted. The rather relaxed requirement on the image quality (seeing < 2.0 arcsec) has proven useful to deliver photometry for the bright stars also, that otherwise are saturated in data acquired with better seeing conditions.

Data are available via the Archive Science Portal or programmatically.More information regarding the release content is available in the documentation.