Second data release from the VISTA Cycle 2 ESO Public Survey VISIONS

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VISIONS (programme id 198.C-2009, PI J. Alves)

is a Near-Infrared ESO second cycle VISTA Public Survey which covers all major nearby star-forming regions accessible from the southern hemisphere. This imaging survey is designed to deliver deep high-sensitivity observations of areas with large amounts of extinction. It includes also control fields which sample the predominant stellar populations in largely extinction-free regions and multiple epochs imaging data over large areas surrounding the targeted star-forming regions to enable the computation of proper motions for sources inaccessible to Gaia.

This second data release (DR2) contains all the observations on the star-forming region Corona Australis. In total, 160 tiles covering about 43 deg2 have been observed, for a total of 3360 files and 0.87 T, between April 2017 and October 2021. The image quality is excellent throughout the entire survey fields with most data featuring point source FWHMs better than 1 arcsec. Compared to 2MASS, the survey reaches up to 6 mag fainter sensitivity limits.

For each observed field, photometrically and astrometrically calibrated tiles and stacked pawprints, together with a corresponding source table are published and available via the Archive Science Portal or programmatically.

A detailed description of the released data is available in the related documentation.