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edited message -- I need the CCF file for radial velocity correction?

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How can I get the ccv file? 

I need the ccv file for radial velocity correction?


Dear User,

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There are no CCV files for radial velocities measurements.

The closest files names are CCF files.

You can find this type of files for examples inside the Ancillary HarpsTar file (TAR file containing several types of files, both FITS and non-FITS.)

You can get an Ancillary files in this way: assuming that you have the ADP name of the file in which you are interested (example ADP.2014-09-16T11:06:15.853), you can go to the Science Portal, query for it, reach the dataset page information


and from here click on the blue button "Dataset Download" that will open the page of the download, and hence you reach the Download portal, where you can click on

"Include ancillary data", and hence select the method for downloading the data that you prefer. Once you download the file, you can extract the ADP and the ancillary file from the archive you downloaded. The ancillary file will be in a tar file that you need to decompress.