First release of pipeline-processed APEX data: the Boomerang nebula

Archive Science Group 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1

We are happy to announce that the ESO APEX science operations team have now started the processing of public APEX archival data using standard calibrations.

This initial release by the APEX team consists of a flux map from the LABOCA observations of the Boomerang Nebula. These observations were taken under the ESO programme 092.F-9305(A), during the second half of 2013. The planetary nebula shows a unique high speed wind and mass expansion features, resulting into temperatures that are even colder than the CMB radiation. The released flux map at 870 um provides the opportunity to study the dust around the envelope and the grain size distribution of this planetary nebula. The data are combined and calibrated via a standard process using the BoA software for bolometer data reduction.

The products are available via the ESO Science Portal or the Programmatic Access service. More details about the release content can be found in the associated Phase 3 data release description.