KIDS DR4 published on February 28th

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New data from the Kilo-Degree Survey 
The fourth data release covers 1107 square-degrees and more than doubles the sky area covered by the previous three releases combined. For the first time, it includes photometry from the partner VIKING ESO public imaging survey on VISTA. For each of the 1006 square-degree survey tiles the data release includes calibrated stacked images in u,g,r and i filters, their corresponding weights and masks, and single-band source lists extracted from the stacks. Furthermore, the multi-band ugriZYJHKs photometric  catalogue covers 1006 square degree survey tiles, with PSF-homogenised and aperture-matched photometry and photometric redshift estimates. 

More details about the release content can be found in the associated Phase 3 data release description

The products are available via the ESO Archive Science Portal or the Programmatic Access service.
The catalogue records can be queried programmatically or via the dedicated Catalog Interface.