Fourth release of UltraVISTA Public Survey data

Archive Science Group 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

The fourth release of the ultra-deep near-infrared survey of the central region of the COSMOS field is now publicly available from the ESO Archive Science Portal or the Programmatic Access service. 

This fourth UltraVISTA data release, based on observations carried out from 4 December 2009 to 29 June 2016, comprises stacked images in YJHKs and NB118 narrow-band filters, as well as single-band and dual-mode source lists. The data release also contains a five-band merged catalogue, created from the individual Ks-selected source lists.  The total exposure time contributing to this release is 1287.5 hours, and the total survey area is close to 1.9 sq.deg. 

More details about the release content can be found in the associated Phase 3data release description