New data releases on the Archive Science Portal

Archive Science Group 5 years ago 0

Exciting day today at ESO with two new data releases!

Fourth data release of data from the VST ATLAS Public Survey

The ESO Public Survey ATLAS with VST is targeting 4500 square degrees of the southern sky in u,g,r,i,z to depths comparable to those of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey SDSS (r~22). Its wide wavelength coverage, from the u- to z-band complements the VISTA VHS and VIKING Surveys in YJHK bands.

The new stacked reduced images and associated source lists, for the period Oct 2014 to July 2017 and reprocessed stacked reduced images up to 2014 are available from the ESO Archive Science Portal.  Moreover the band-merged catalogue data, containing 155 million records, can be queried via the dedicated Catalog Interface.
More details about the release content can be found in the associated Phase 3 data release description.

Second data release of the MUSE cubes of the Large Programme 'Dissecting GAs Stripping Phenomena in galaxies (GASP, 196.B-0578, PI: B.Poggianti - http://web.oapd.inaf.it/gasp/). 

The scientific goal of this large programme is to study galaxies at z = 0.04-0.07 in different environments.
For each target galaxy, the released science data products are the reduced and combined MUSE 3D data cubes that can be queried and downloaded using the Archive Science Portal.

The 3D science data cubes come with additional associated products. These products are extracted 1D spectra plus associated maps of the emission-line fluxes for the Halpha and Hbeta emission, the Halpha 2D line-of-sight velocity field, the average star formation rate in four age bins, as well as luminosity-weighted stellar age and stellar mass density maps.

A more detailed description of the Large Program and a comprehensive data documentation can be found here.